The superb LG UltraGear Full HD 27 “PC monitor is reduced by -100€ at Amazon

For a truly fluid image, gamers today must resort to screens with higher refresh rates, but also more substantial budgets. The solution ? At the moment, the LG Ultragear and its 27 inches are priced below 200 euros.

LG Ultragear 27GL63T
  • A refresh rate of 144 Hz
  • The adjustable height of the device
  • A FreeSync and GSync compatible screen

The LG Ultragear 27GL63T-B screen at € 199.99 at Amazon

A 100 € discount on the LG gaming accessory

The famous merchant site is thus offering, for a few days, the LG Ultragear 27GL63T-B PC screen at €199.99 instead of €299.99. A discount of 100 euros which makes the device much more affordable. For gamers looking for less expensive equipment, this good plan is worth a look.

Remember that Amazon offers the same device, but with two HDMI inputs, at a reduced price. In this case, the screen is available at €245.09 instead of €279.99, a discount of €34.09.

Towards an infinitely smoother image with this LG PC screen

The characteristics to remember from this PC screen are ergonomics and image quality. As a 27-inch device, it first offers great visual comfort. But the 27GL63T-B having a height-adjustable stand, it also gives the user the possibility of organizing his playing space as he sees fit. Moreover, the design of its foot is studied to take up little space, so that we can store various things there. The screen is also tiltable and swivelable.

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In terms of image quality, the device stands out above all for its fluidity, which displays 144 frames per second with a response time of one millisecond. It is HDR10 compatible, promising more faithful colors and more immersive graphics in game, but also with AMD’s FreeSync technologies and with Nvidia’s GSync.

On the model of this good plan, the screen has an HDMI 2.0 input and a DisplayPort port. It therefore has the latest connectors to date.

The LG Ultragear 27GL63T-B screen at € 199.99 at Amazon

What alternatives to the LG gaming screen?

What else can you find in this area than the excellent gaming monitor offered here by LG and Amazon? The answer can be found in our comparison of the best PC gaming screens in 2021. Remember to read our various tests to better guide your choice.

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