The universe of The Walking Dead is embedded in Fortnite

Walking Dead Fortnite

Nothing seems impossible for Fortnitenot even reuniting part of the cast of The Walking Dead.

Daryl Dixon and Michonne are the new hunters to arrive on the island!

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The Walking Fortnite Dead

After Halo and god of warso it’s the turn of the license The Walking Dead to appear within Fortnite.

The game store allows you to get your hands on all Survival Companionswith the outfits of Daryl and Michonne, which each offer an additional style, Daryl desperado and hooded Michonne.

We also find Michonne’s Hunting Quiver and Katana back accessories. The heroine’s Katana can be grabbed and used as a pickaxe. And of course, the game also allows you to get your hands on the essential knives of this dear Daryl.

Remember that Fortnite has recently been running in 120 fps mode on next-gen consoles.

Source : Epic Games

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