The Walking Dead: Know who Mercer is, Season 11 character

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With the news of the 11th season recordings of The Walking Dead, new information about the plot and cast began to be revealed. This Monday (1st), it was announced that actor Michael James Shaw will play Mercer, a new character in the universe of the series, but that is already well known by fans of the comics.

In the last broadcast episode, “A Certain Doom”, a new group of soldiers in white armor was introduced. It is precisely this team that the character is part of, and should be an ally of Rick Grimes. See full details below.

Meet Mercer, Michael James Shaw’s character in The Walking Dead

Season 11 of the series will be like an expanded story as, officially, season 10 has been treated as the last. In the episode in question, Eugene goes after Stephanie; with King Ezekiel, Juanita and Yumiko, they are cornered by an unknown army, the New World Order, or Commonwealth, which is also referenced in the Season 11 trailer.

In the comics, the community has about 50,000 survivors and is led by Pamela Milton. The arc involving the Commonwealth ends the trajectory of The Walking Dead in the comics, which explains why the group also appeared in the series.

Mercer is one of the most lethal marines in the group. He appears in issue 177 of the comics and becomes an ally of Rick Grimes, in addition to being very close to Juanita Sanchez. Mercer is Sebastian’s bodyguard, son of the Commonwealth leader and army commander, and is recognized by fans for his red armor and the axes he uses as a main weapon.

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He used to work in the US Navy, so he must be one of the most intense and memorable characters in The Walking Dead.

The actor accumulates an excellent resume in the strong characters department. Before taking on the role of Mercer, Shaw was known for playing Corvus Glaive, a member of the Black Order who worked for Thanos on The Avengers: Infinite War and The Avengers: Ultimatum. In addition, he acted in limitless, blue bloods, bull and DC’s Constantine.

The 11th season of The Walking Dead is in the recording and post-production phase, while season 10 has its unreleased episodes aired every Sunday.

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