The weirdest and weirdest PC keyboards

The keyboard is an everyday tool, a peripheral input device with which, by pressing keys, we can give commands to the computer, which may well be displaying characters or performing complex tasks. Be that as it may, the keyboard layout has been standardized over the years with a rectangular layout and keys in certain specific layouts (QWERTY, DVORAK, etc.) and with different layouts (es_ES, en_US, etc.), but many manufacturers have found it necessary to create designs that are at least creative in order to stand out from the mundane. Let’s take a look at them.

Mechanical keyboard Koolertron Split

Teclados raros Koolertron Split Mechanical Keyboard

This mechanical keyboard is split into two unbalanced parts, connected by a cable so that the user can place both parts wherever he wants. It has original Cherry MX switches and 89 keys, all programmable, as well as eight keys for macros. Interestingly, this strange keyboard was very well received at the time due to its high build quality, use of Cherry switches, and a high degree of customization.

Mad Cat MCB43107N0B2

Teclados raros Mad Catz MCB43107N0B2

Mad Catz is a manufacturer that has always been well known for its exotic peripherals with unusual designs, and of course they also have one of the rarest PC keyboards around. This platform, reminiscent of a spaceship command center, has a large number of macro keys, a USB port and many lighting options.

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Cool Sunsky destroyers

Sung destroyers of the aula

It is actually a keyboard with a fairly normal layout, with the exception of those macro keys located above the ESC, but its design is not very traditional as it looks like a mixture of the Batman and Devil logos. This is the typical keyboard that an evil lord would have in his secret base, there is no doubt about it.

Virtual keyboard with Bluetooth laser projection

Teclados raros

This sci-fi keyboard is actually available in stores for a relatively affordable price. The idea is to place the projector on any flat surface while the sensor detects ripple. It works relatively well, but definitely not the most user-friendly for gaming or typing. Now it’s literally a keyboard that fits in your pocket.

Bloody B740A Light Strike

Bloody B740A Light Strike

If you like your peripherals to grab attention, this might be a good option for you because this is a keyboard that doesn’t go unnoticed. From bright orange silicone keys to various rows of colored lighting, it is clear that this keyboard has a very bold design and is suitable for very few users. The most interesting thing about it, however, is the LightStrike optical switches, which use infrared instead of mechanical switches for pulsing.

Asio retro

Teclados raros Azio Retro

Whether you like the cyberpunk aesthetic or just retro, this is one of the weirdest keyboards out there, but it will suit you the most. It is available at a fairly high price, but has all the functions of any regular PC or Mac typewriter keyboard, with an elegant design and, oddly enough, with white backlit keys. The switches, by the way, are oddly mechanical.

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Great modular mechanical gaming keyboard

Great modular mechanical gaming keyboard

At first glance, apart from the ambitious name, there is nothing special about the design of this keyboard. However, the word “modular” will already give you an idea of ​​what makes this keyboard one of the rarest, and it is that it is designed so that any user can easily replace the switches, and we do not mean just the headers. , but to the switch itself. Looking to upgrade from Cherry MX switches to Gateron Clear? No problem. Would you like the WASD zone to have a different sensitivity? You just need to remove the switches that are there and put others to your liking.

Warm keyboard

Warm keyboard

Have you ever gotten your fingers cold while playing or typing? With this keyboard, you will no longer have this problem, because with the help of a special transformer of 20 V and 1.8 A inside, it is able to literally heat keys 10-20 ºC above room temperature, or, at least, as the manufacturer states on its Web site.

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