The Wyze Band connected bracelet will allow you to keep Alexa on your wrist

Wyze Band

Renowned for its cameras and other accessories of the type ” smart home “, Wyze will launch a connected bracelet in 2020, the Wyze Band.

A Wyze Band to have Alexa on your wrist

The Wyze group will soon launch a new connected bracelet, the Wyze Band, which will offer everything one is entitled to expect from a fitness tracker. It will include a jogging application, an alarm, a weather application, a step counter, a heart sensor….

The bracelet will also have the integration of the Alexa assistant, which can be called up via a long press on the touch screen. A microphone placed on the side will then listen to the user’s voice command.

Later this year, Wyze plans to launch new connected cameras, a connected peephole, a connected scale… Let’s remember that at the end of 2019, Wyze leaked private step data. less than 2.4 million customers.

Source: Engadget

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