The Xbox Game Pass app from PC is updated to show Xbox Live games

After the confirmed changes for the PC Xbox application, one of the most important factors of the application was to shelter the Xbox Game Pass games in Windows 10. An application that is gradually gaining new options, such as the one we serve today. According to those responsible for development, the application of Xbox Game Pass from PC is updated to show Xbox Live games.

Remember that this application is currently in beta, so the feedback is very important so that new functions and options can be added. Since TwitterJason Beaumont has been in charge of publicizing this new update that enables a function that the community had requested.

We’ve added a channel to the Game Pass tab in the Xbox beta PC application to highlight Xbox Live-enabled games.

Let me know what you think and what you would like to see next!

Based on the latest version of the application, we can check that tab that Beaumont comments, confirming that the Xbox Game Pass application from PC is updated to show Xbox Live games. With this, you can check in a much simpler way which are the games that are enabled for Xbox Live, with their consequent achievements.

And is that not all games included in Xbox Game Pass for PC are from Xbox Live and have achievements. Although most do, some of the games offered in this subscription on PC are exclusive to the platform and do not have this option enabled. It is not known if it will be a matter of time before they can work with the developers to be able to include them, but right now it is what they play.

Thanks to this update of the Xbox Game Pass application on PC, we can check which games are linked to Xbox Live and enjoy them also with that part related to the challenging achievements and the option of adding points to the gamerscore. We will be attentive to future updates of the Xbox Game Pass application on PC, in the same way that we will be before the announcement of new games that arrive at the service that will be held at Gamescom 2019.

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