The Xiaomi Mi 9T prepares to receive Android 10 in October

Since Android 10 officially came out we have talked long and hard about updates. Several manufacturers such as Huawei or OnePlus have already ruled on the dates and models that Android 10 will see soon. Another company like Xiaomi comes into play today, although without a confirmation of dozens of devices. The company has revealed to the medium AusDroid that he Xiaomi Mi 9T will update to Android 10 next month. Yes, it seems that in October we will see the official and stable update for this device so popular in the mid-range. But do not think that it is the Chinese version, but talk about the international model, which is marketed as Mi 9T and not as Redmi K20.

East Xiaomi Mi 9T He has already passed our analysis table with a very good grade. At the moment there are few mid-range options more recommended than this Xiaomi, because it has everything you need to like. Now all this speech takes more force after the Xiaomi confirmation to receive Android 10 shortly.

Your Xiaomi Mi 9T will receive Android 10 within 2 or 3 weeks

Xiaomi is currently working on bringing Android 10 to a large number of its devices. Some models will receive a first beta and then update stably. The strategy with the Xiaomi Mi 9T We don’t know her, but we do know that users may update in October to Android 10.

It is a very close date, because we are currently in mid-September. In just over two weeks we enter October and the date of update confirmed by Xiaomi. This means that at any time during that month the company could launch the Global OTA for the devices to update.

The My 9T is one of the most recommended mobiles of the moment in almost every country in Europe and also in others like India. The update to Android 10 will grant you the new dark mode, intelligent responses for messaging applications and many other news from Xiaomi and its customization layer.

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If you have a Xiaomi Mi 9T in your possession you can be very happy, because you will be one of the few users who may be in Android 10 in the month of October.

Source | AusDroid

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