There is a problem accessing the Twitter platform [Güncellendi]

last 10 minutes twitter platform is not fully accessible. This situation does not only cover Turkey.

Update 15:44: The platform slowly began to return to normal.

Right now twitter The web page can be opened, but no content is loaded and the page is standard. “There is a problem. Try reinstalling.” warning is displayed. At the same time users It also shows as logged out of accounts. The firm appears to be having a serious problem with its systems globally. The company, which removed users from accounts for a while last week and then automatically took them back, rarely experiences such large-scale access problems. As you know, Twitter does not fall off the agenda due to the developments with Elon Musk. For those who missed Elon Musk He gave up on buying Twitter, using first step to buy and then bot accounts as an excuse.

Twitter side on top of that He stated that they would take some legal steps to make the sale over $44 billion.. Twitter has recently “Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz LLP” Turns out he had an agreement with the company. The company, which made a statement on this subject, It said they found Musk’s withdrawal from the deal “invalid and wrong”. Musk, who has damaged Twitter in many ways with these moves, has recently been taken over by Twitter by abandoning his decision. officially sued. for Musk “I thought he would walk out by disparaging the company, disrupting operations, destroying stock value. thought” it was said.

“Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz LLP” legally, Musk Will try to force him to buy Twitteralthough it cannot do this, it is a great financial penalty will run after you. Seeing this as a great irony, Musk will of course take the process as far as it goes at the legal level with his huge financial power. Maybe Musk will have to buy Twitter despite all the damage it has done by giving it $44 billion. Musk, whose process management was really bad, faced some legal steps at the beginning of the process.

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