These are the news that you will want to update your LG to Android 10

Android Q landed very recently, you can count on the fingers of one hand the terminals that carry this new version of Google’s mobile operating system. But manufacturers do not cease their efforts to bring the update to their terminals, in this particular case we talk about LG. TOthe news that will arrive with Android 10 to the terminals of the South Korean firm were coming to light. Interesting news, or at least able to convince users to go through the entire version change process.

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The update is not yet availableIn fact, at the moment only users within Korean borders are responsible for testing this version. It is still a beta, hopefully cross borders and reach enthusiasts who want to try the new Android 10 under the LG customization layer. As always, these updates take time and need work, so it is best to be patient. But you also have to stay informed, that’s why, and so that you feel like updating to Android 10, we show you the main news.

News that will reach your LG when you upgrade to Android 10

Redesign of the keypad, in the style of Android 10

These are the news that you will want to update your LG to Android 10-1

LG has its own customization layer, UX, does not carry Android Stock, so it can be allowed to redesign and change the aesthetics at will. But it maintains key elements, such as the keypad. Its design has changed, it goes from being an elongated button to being identical or almost that of Android Stock. This improvement is substantial for lovers of pure Android, see how companies set aside their identity in favor of unifying a design between all Android terminals. Definitely, If you are a lover of the stock experience, but you like LG terminals with this new design you get a keypad more in line with Google.

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Dark mode, the panacea of ​​Amoled screens

These are the news that you will want to update your LG to Android 10-3

The dark mode is here to stay, although it may seem silly at first, it is actually more than it seems. Aesthetically it is more beautiful, at least to personal taste, but it also helps – to some extent – to improve energy consumption, or at least in terminals with AMOLED screens. Luckily, most LG terminals have this panel technology on their screens. In the filtered capture a schedule is also appreciated, the user can configure its automatic activation depending on the hours. No more glare when unlocking the smartphone in the middle of the night.

Totally new notification curtain

Swiping to see notifications is one of the most performed actions throughout the day on Android terminals. Notification curtains are generally very similar, with each version of Android they change, but they maintain a similar design and layout. LG has completely redesigned yours, it is new, it does not resemble that of Android 10, but at the same time it is very resultona. Transparencies are what it takes, or at least that LG will have thought, now its curtain is completely transparent, although it makes a blur effect on the elements behind it to make it easier to see notifications such as shortcuts. It seems more comfortable, since all the icons have been downloaded, now with the larger terminals of the company it will be easier to click on the icon we need.

These are the news that you will want to update your LG to Android 10

Notifications are now balloons with rounded corners, not rectangular signs. Everything has been rounded to give a more “soft” and less angled appearance, in addition, the space for each notification is wider, the content is perfectly seen without having to make the gesture of opening the notification. Without a doubt, it is all more visual and much more intuitive. There is no doubt that LG is working to redesign each section of its customization layer, so that when it reaches the end user, it really means an aesthetic change beyond just functional. We can only wait for this beta to cross the borders so we can taste it for ourselves, but for now, we have long teeth, and you?

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