These Methods Can Solve Apple Music’s Battery Drain

Alternative solutions were produced to the battery consumption problem of the Apple Music application that broke out in iOS 13.5.1. These alternative solutions, which are effective for some users, do not solve the problems for some users. Their methods in this article can eliminate the problem that can drain the battery up to 95 percent.

In a news we shared with you yesterday evening, we mentioned that Apple Music caused a serious battery consumption with Apple’s latest iOS version 13.5.1 update. Moreover, this problem, the cause of which is not yet understood, Apple Music even if not used it was draining the battery. According to users’ complaints, the battery consumption of the application, 95 percent was up to the level.

US-based tech giant appleshows a quick reaction to detected problems. The company is most likely trying to overcome this problem, but there is no official statement at this time. As such, users have sought alternative solutions, and now there are some problems for battery consumption caused by Apple Music. alternative solutions produced. However, it should be noted that none of these solutions are guaranteed, and the final solution will only be possible with a fix sent by Apple.

Alternative solutions to high battery consumption caused by Apple Music, Mac Rumors It came from the platform. Some users who tried these solutions stated that the problem was fixed, while others stated that there was no improvement. not they express. Therefore, we think it is useful to try these methods, but unfortunately it is not possible to say anything about whether it will be effective against the problem.

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Here are the methods you can apply to the battery consumption problem of Apple Music

  • Force close the application.
  • Restart the phone or try to factory reset it.
  • Turning off automatic downloads. You can do this by entering the Music section under the Settings menu.
  • Turning off background app refreshes. For this, you can go to the Settings menu and use the “Background App Refresh” submenu under the General section.
  • Turn off Apple Music’s use of cellular data. Again, it can be done under Settings and Music.
  • Canceling all downloads in the Apple Music app.

Here are all these methods, iOS 13.5.1It can eliminate the situation where Apple Music, which broke out in . However, as we have just said, any of these methods may not cause any change while helping to solve the problem. Therefore, it would be more beneficial to try all of the above methods one by one. By the way, if you decide to factory reset your phone, before you do this, your backup Remember you must.

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