These two browsers have over a billion users each

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Synonymous with “Internet” access in the broad sense, browsers have become real systems offull-fledged operation on our computers and phones. But, if the offer is overflowing, few are those who are unanimous with Internet users.

According to an article by AtlasVPN, based on data from GlobalStats and InternetWorldStats, there are even only two web browsers with over a billion users: Safari and Google Chrome.

It should be noted from the outset that the figures presented here are ” estimated writes AtlasVPN, dividing the total number of Internet users worldwide by 100, then multiplying the result by the percentage of browser market share.

In doing so, we notice without any surprise that Google Chrome is very much in the lead with some 3,378,967,819 regular users. It must be said that with 64.91% market share, it could hardly be otherwise.

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On the other hand, Safari, the native Web browser of all Apple devices, has just crossed the bar of one billion Internet users (19.16% share).

A sign that users of Apple products are satisfied with the service. Indeed, nothing prevents them, as on Android or Windows, from opting for another default application. Something that the latter are also numerous to do: according to the study, Microsoft Edge concentrates less than 4% of the market share, for 212,695,363 million Internet users.

Alternative browsers on the decline

Microsoft Edge is followed by good old Firefox which, despite the repeated efforts of its publisher Mozilla and the many new features introduced with its version 100, seems incapable of breaking its glass ceiling.

It would have lost 3 million users in one year; the browser was on the third step of the podium last year, overtaking Microsoft Edge by a short head.

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Witness to Samsung’s supremacy in the field of smartphones, the Samsung Internet browser finds its place in fifth position. It still loses nearly 17 million users since last year; just like Opera (-4 million).

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Absent from this ranking: the Brave browser which, since 2018, has been increasing its efforts to become a viable alternative to Google Chrome. Despite encouraging results, and more than 50 million active users each month, his name still does not appear in the GlobalStats ranking.

Best internet browser – Comparison 2022 | Clubic

For a long time, the monopolies held by the pioneers of web browsing determined the surfing conditions and habits of Internet users. In 1994, Netscape captured 75% of the browsing market in just four months of existence and paved the way for the democratization of the web. A success as dazzling as it was short-lived, when Microsoft marketed Internet Explorer the following year before making it a native component of Windows 95 OSR 1 (OEM), then integrating it into the Windows shell in 1997.

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