They discover how to generate electricity with the cold night

Researchers from the department of materials science and engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles; they found an fIt converts the cold night into energy. The process is called radioactive sky cooling and can generate enough electricity to power an LED light.

Radiative cooling is a natural phenomenon in which a surface that faces the sky expels its heat in the air as thermal radiation. PaThe heat finally rises to the upper atmosphere and then to the colder areas of space.

This process is very similar to that generated by solar energy, only that it uses a less expensive thermoelectric device than solar panels. The devices are aligned in a similar way to what the grass does and is oriented towards the sky to pass its heat to the atmosphere as thermal radiation, losing part of its heat in space and reaching a cooler temperature than the surrounding air .

“This effect occurs all the time naturally, especially on clear nights. The result is that the object that expels the heat, be it a car, the ground or a building, will be slightly colder than the ambient temperature. ” said Aaswath Raman, lead author of the investigation.

That same idea can be used to create electricity and produce renewable energy after the sun has set. “Beyond lighting, we believe that this could be a broadly enabling approach to generating adequate energy for remote locations and wherever power generation is needed at night,” said Professor Raman.

They discover how to generate electricity with the cold night 2

This new type of energy can serve to make one billion people in the world who still do not have access to electricity networks.

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