This is an extraordinary photo of the stars that Pixel 4 made

A few days ago we told you that the Google Pixel APK 4 camera application was only leaked This terminal will launch a version 7.0 of Google Cameras, the applications designed by Google for this purpose and among the new functions are surprising.

When Huawei introduced the Huawei P20, it showed itself, with long exposure, capable of taking clear photos with clarity. Google wants to take over.

Google Pixels 4 and star photography

Get in XDA They have thoroughly researched the APK that they can get and have successfully modified it so that it can run on 3 pixels. In this way, they have tested not only a new camera interface, but also a new star shooting mode.

Actually, this mode is not so, but it uses an improved night mode to obtain images that a few years ago would have been complicated even with conventional cameras.

The difference between the current version of the application and the previous one is that the previous one allows a maximum exposure time of 5 seconds while the new one allows the time to be raised up to 15 seconds. In this way, it is possible to capture enough light to see the stars in the image taken.

This is an extraordinary photo of the stars made by Pixel 4 2

This is an extraordinary photo of the stars made by Pixel 4 3

Hopefully I can reach more models

As we said, the image obtained comes from the modification of the Pixel 4 application, but they have been tested in pixels 3. Hopefully when Pixel 4 More official developers have adapted this camera phone to other models to be able to do it, if we want to take these photos with more devices.

Windows 11 “free”, Windows 10 21H1 or newer is mandatory – GinjFo

On the other hand, meanwhile, we can test various photography applications. Google Play Store to take photos with long exposures.

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