Those of you who don’t switch to a new phone model every year or two – how do you feel that your “old” phones work?

No one has probably missed the fact that the price trend for smart phones has skyrocketed in recent years. Apple used to be accused of putting fantasy prices on its phones, but since a few years ago we have seen similar pricing also from manufacturers of Android phones, such as Samsung.

Nowadays, a price tag of 10,000 kroner and above is the norm rather than the exception for a top model from a number of manufacturers, and even upstarts like OnePlus, which since 2014 has built its brand on offering a high level of equipment combined with a low price, now charge over 8 000 kroner or for its flagship.

In addition to price trends, we have also seen that development and innovation no longer look like they once did. No surprise perhaps, it is not possible to innovate and invent new must-have functions and features every new year that passes, but as the market matures, the annual steps forward are also getting smaller. Sure, we see faster processors every year, but in the hand you rarely feel any major difference from one year to the next.

We have seen on our forum as well as in our visitor logs that more and more of our readers have slightly older models, models with three, four or even five years behind them. We have also seen that a large percentage have also chosen mid-range phones instead of the slightly outrageously expensive top models.

Our questions to those of you who have chosen to keep a slightly older model, say three years or older, are as follows:

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How do you feel that your slightly older phones work as a primary smart phone today? Do you feel the signs of age, maybe the battery life starts to weaken after a thousand charges, or does it generally work well? Are you worried about not getting regular security updates?

How does your reasoning go around your choice to keep an older phone – is it a matter of cost, a matter of principle or perhaps that you don’t want to contribute to the buy-and-throw mentality?

Share your views in our comments, and please mention which phone you use and why.

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