TikTok Auto Titles: How They Work and Available Options

TikTok and its pursuit of inclusion

Automatic captions in TikTok

When a platform like TikTok grows at the same rate, it’s very easy to forget about aspects that really matter, albeit only for a minority of all its users. For this reason, such initiatives are always well received.

TikTok has published an article on its official page, which tells how important is inclusion to them because they want each of its users to have the appropriate tools so that they can express themselves and interact with others in the best possible way. Here’s what they said:

Interesting, right? Of course, if you or someone in your environment does not suffer from any type of disability or hearing problems, you would not consider this, but when you know how much it might cost them to use certain tools in their daily life, because they do not do. there are accessibility options. the thing is changing.

Hence the new TikTok feature for creating subtitles in videos posted on the platform. And the best thing is that the user who covers them won’t have to do anything practically, as we’ll show you below.

Before I say this is not the only change or novelty on TikTok in terms of accessibility. Other aspects such as animated thumbnail, warnings about possible problems due to epileptic seizures depending on what content or text-to-speech feature helps to improve the user experience.

How to add subtitles to Tiktok


Until now, only a few accounts have added subtitles to their posts on TikTok and have done so using third-party apps or even manually editing them, which are then “burned” in the video uploaded to the web.

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This time subtitles to be added to videos in TikTok are generated automatically … That is, the platform will take care of everything, and you, as a user, do not need to do anything. Or almost, because in the same way as it happens with the automatic subtitles that are generated in you, you will be able to edit the text in cases where the transcription was not accurate.

To use these automatic subtitles, you need to do the following: activate them on the edit page after downloading or posting a new TikTok. When you do this, subtitles will be added to the video over a period of time, which can vary from a few seconds to minutes. Of course, they are currently only available in English and Japanese, but there will be linguistic support for other languages ​​in the coming months.

Finally, these subtitles are optional not only when creating them, but also when viewing them. If you have no vision problems, you can deactivate them so that they do not appear on the screen. This way, they will not interfere with your viewing of all video content.

Of course, they may interest you, even if you do not suffer from any limitation. After all, there are certainly situations in which you want to know what a video posted on the web is saying, but you are in a place where activating sound is not a good idea. So, really, with TikTok subtitles, we all win. Now all that remains is that it is coming soon, and most users are encouraged to use them one way or another.

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