TikTok-focused Reels setting to Instagram app

clone of TikTok Instagram reels, It will no longer be featured in the app. Here is what has emerged on the subject;

Instagram, TikTokVideo feature from reels It doesn’t stand out too much. For those who still don’t know, Reels, “Instagram CameraIt allows you to create and edit short videos up to 15 seconds in ”. Users can add effects and music to Reels videos or use their own voice. The CEO of the company, who made a statement about this feature last month Adam Mosseri, admitted that he was not fully satisfied with the feature yet, and on this basis, TikTok is still much further ahead. Mosseri alsoReels is not yet capable of hosting strong and innovative comedy elements at the moment.” he declared. On top of that, a step came from the company. With this step, Reels videos from TikTok will no longer be featured in the app. The company, which changed its algorithm on this issue, said that Reels should come directly to TikTok. she doesn’t want to. In the new period, only the original Reels will come to the fore and the company will try to increase the use of Reels in the platform. Of course, time will tell how this will turn out.

Shopping is now possible on Instagram Reels

The company made an official statement last month. reels announced that it has made the feature of shopping online available all over the world. According to this statement, brands such as MAC Cosmetics, Revolve, Song of Style by Aimee Song, Rare Beauty and NBA Getting started with the shopping feature on ReelsInstagram’s @shop account also shared Reels shoppable videos of new brands and small businesses such as For the Ages, Centinelle, Kammok, Expedition Subsahara and Paper & Clay.

The highlight of the Apple event was the new iPad mini; but why?

With its shopping features, it aims to make it easier for people to discover and buy something whenever they are inspired, wherever they are in the application. Instagramwith the shopping on Reels feature, offers the opportunity to buy, save or get more information about the product by clicking on the products in a Reels video.

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