TikTok strengthens the privacy and security of young people

One of the options of social media that focuses especially on young people TikTokstrengthens the privacy and security of young people with its update.

The security measures that TikTok has organized and updated for users under the age of 18 have been shared. The official statement made by the company on the subject is as follows: “As we know creativity and self-expression at TikTok are personal and private, we are strengthening the measures taken for our community to manage their online identities with ease. We believe in the importance of providing age-appropriate privacy settings and controls as young people begin their digital journey. Today we are announcing changes aimed at providing higher standards for user privacy and security for our users under the age of 18.”

As reported, starting today, the default privacy setting is being changed to private for user accounts between the ages of 13 and 15. In the statement, the company mentions the following: “Now with a private TikTok account, only a person that the user has approved as a follower can view their videos. We want our young users to be able to make informed choices about sharing, including whether to make their accounts public. By engaging them early in their privacy journey, we can enable them to make more informed decisions about their privacy online.”

Additional changes that the company has introduced to provide a safe experience for young users are as follows:

The options for commenting on videos created by under-16s are being tightened. Only Friends can comment on these users. Removed the Everyone option in the commenting settings.
-Duet and Insert settings have been changed and these features are only available for content created by users aged 16 and over. For users aged 16-17, the default setting for Duet and Addition is Friends only.
-Only videos shared by users aged 16 and over are allowed to be downloaded. Other users can decide if they want to allow their videos to be downloaded. For users aged 16-17, the default setting will remain Off unless enabled.
The “Recommend your account to others” option for user accounts aged 13-15 has been turned off by default.

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The firm also explains that setting TikTok’s default account settings to support stronger user privacy is an important step in our commitment to keeping our young users safe. These changes are said to build on previous updates to improve teen safety. They are also:

-Restrict live streams and direct messaging to 16+
-Restrict sending, accepting, and purchasing virtual gifts to those aged 18 and over
-Allowing parents to set restrictions on their children’s TikTok experience through Family Matching Mode.

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