Timeline: evolution of technology over the last 10 years

yesterday the TechWorld turned ten years old, and you could follow a series of publications about our history here on the website. Today, to end our retrospective, we’ve prepared a timeline of the evolution of technology over the past ten years. There were cell phones, electric cars, video games, artificial intelligence and much more! Want to know what rocked the most? Take a look:

Evolution of technology:


Motorola Tablet with Honeycomb: first version of the Android system developed specifically for tablets.

Launch Galaxy Note: The world’s first smartphone with an HD Super AMOLED display is the first pen-capable Android device, the SPen.

Galaxy Nexus: cell that marked the debut of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Google’s first success.


Tesla Model S: it was the second model developed by Tesla and is among the best sellers of the brand to date.


iPhone 5s: first mobile phone with fingerprint.

4K Televisions: popularization of Ultra HD technology around the world.

Playstation 4: the console was one of the most important of the decade and is currently the 4th best seller of all time.

Xbox one: the launch stood out for being the first time Microsoft used blu-ray in video games, for example.


Echo and Alexa: launch of the personal assistant and artificial intelligence of the Amazon.

Xiaomi MiBand: first smart wristband for monitoring physical activities at an affordable price.

OnePlus One: first phone with factory installed CyanogenMod instead of standard Android.


Google Autonomous Car: first prototype of a 100% autonomous vehicle, without steering wheel, accelerator or brake.

Bayraktar TB2 marked, Akıncı hit the target: He hit the target at 12 with ‘LGK-82’


AirPods: first cordless phone from Apple.


Nintendo Switch: After a failed Wii U experiment, Nintendo returned triumphantly with the innovative hybrid console Switch.

iPhone X: in addition to the traditional annual releases, in 2017 the Apple launched the iPhone X on the market, a tribute to the 10 years of the line of smartphones.


Samsung Galaxy S9: the cell phone stood out for being the first with a variable aperture camera.


Flexpai, from Royole: the cell phone was the world’s first folding-screen smartphone.

5G in South Korea: South Korea was the first country to adopt 5G technology.


PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X/S: the 9th generation of consoles came in full pandemic and stood out for the SSD and ultra-fast processors.

PIX: the instant payment system has changed the way people transfer and receive money.


Perseverance: despite not being a technology created in 2021, the Perseverance rover was a success in NASA’s Mars Mission.

Clubhouse: the exclusive social network for audios exploded worldwide earlier this year, prompting other players to think about audio tools.

What technology have you used the most in the last ten years? Tell us in the comments!

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