Tinder gets into the series with an apocalyptic story

The series presents a world that faces an imminent end and asks the question “Who would you spend your last night alive with?”

Beyond dominating the dating applications sector, Tinder wants to compete in another area: the series. As reported by Variety magazine, the popular application plans to launch its own television series in October.

All that is known is that the series will tell an apocalyptic story in which users will be able to choose the destination of the plot by sliding between several options, following the format in which Tinder users choose their possible candidates for an appointment. The idea is inspired by the typical stories of “choose your own adventure”

The title of this series is still unknown, which will have six chapters and will be released in October. In this way, Tinder is launched for the first time to produce and distribute content.

The series presents a world that faces an impending apocalypse, as they advance in Variety, and asks the question “Who would you spend your last night alive with?” The series will be uploaded to the Tinder application, and users will be able to swipe to the right or left and advance the plot as they see fit.

The production of these first six chapters has just ended in Mexico, and was directed by Karena Evans, who made some music videos for rapper Drake, including the viral hit “In My Feelings” and “Nice For What.”

As revealed by Variety and other Hollywood media, the series would have six episodes and a total of two hours, which will be available to be seen through mobile phones.

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The series will be broadcast first on Tinder, but the producers evaluate to broadcast it later on some other platform. It is not clear whether the creators will offer a definitive version of the story or follow the Netflix-driven model with the interactive chapter of “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” of 2018.

Known at the moment as “Project X”, the series cost 5 million dollars. The company, owned by Match Group, enters the world of series with the intention of creating an algorithm based on how its users make decisions within the series, and then combine them with romantic interests based on those choices.

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