Tips for Taking Good Fish Eye Photos on Your Mobile Phone

However, one of those lenses that have not been marketed as such is the fisheye lens, as there are differences in the wide angle use we find in current terminals. Therefore, many users resort to purchasing this type of lens as an optional accessory, so that they can be easily installed on their smartphones every time they want to achieve this effect. For this reason, we will explain where it is best to use it, what exactly you need, and how best to take a photo with fisheye lens

Tips for Taking Good Fisheye Photos

For what places is it better to use fisheye?

It should be clear that when using this type of target as mobile it main lens accessory you need to know where it is best to use it. Moreover, because, as with the rest of the goals, not all of them are designed to meet our expectations, depending on the site or object that we want to photograph.

Therefore, we find a number of suitable scenarios for this. For example, the first on the list, which will always help us. use fisheye will be for interior photos. And the fact is, when we shoot something in these places, such as, for example, a room, we will not need to juggle to take a picture.

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Mainly because with this type of lens, playing with distortion, we can grab a larger angle and get the elements we don’t want to change in the center of the image. Another good place to use it is in landscapes, as with this type of lens we can get more range in the captured image.

That is, by using this type of lens, we can cover more with photography. Likewise, the photo will be fully illuminated, so later we will have to play around with the ISO to improve the shooting speed.

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To these two we have to add another element, the fact of wanting to take closer pictures of objects, people, etc. Thus, we are faced with the best ally who can make, for example, a completely different, as well as a funny portrait.

With this mobile accessory we will discover one of the most spectacular photography effects , which arises, as we have already said, due to the distortion of the final image itself. What should be clear is its use, as the shots we want to take should mainly be for capturing a wide angle of view.

How to take photos with this effect on a mobile phone

To get started with one of the most popular effects that can be used today, known as a fisheye, we will need an additional accessory that we will quickly and easily place on the main camera of our mobile device. In today’s market, we can find various offers such as the following product. In which we will not only receive 235 degree fisheye lens but we will also have wide angle and macro.

Therefore, it is best to choose one of these proposals, in which not only one fisheye lens comes to us, but several options are already available to us. So we get 3 out of 1. After reaching this goal, you should also know that there are several third-party software both in Google and in Ios stores that offer us to achieve this visual effect in our images, but this will not have nothing to do with the result that we will achieve with this camera accessory our smartphone.

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In the world of photography, we can find two types of fish eyes. The first will cover the entire surface of the sensor, from which we get a rectangular image. However, in the case of mobile phones, we will find those that form a circular photograph covering an angle of more than 200 °. Therefore, when shooting, we will see a black frame around the image.

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Also, when photographing with this type of cell phone lens, it it is best not to apply any filters … Moreover, because by applying them, we can create strange effects on the image, which are usually emphasized at the edges. However, this is not a fixed rule, so we can always try using them later, although during the original survey it is not recommended. Also keep in mind that the slightest incorrect movement when photographing with this accessory can lead to complete image deformation. Therefore, the more we take this photo, the better.

Benefits of fisheye for mobile

When we are going to use this accessory as the main sensor of our mobile phone, we can find different benefits. The first, for example, is that when using the fisheye, the distances between the object, element or subject and the camera itself are significantly reduced, so we will have larger angle to reach the frame what we most want.

Another aspect that will help us make the right decision whether to use it or not is that we do not need the space to be huge in order to be able to completely take over the place. This way, we don’t have to do miracles, for example, to take a simple picture of the kitchen. Even with fisheye, the depth of field will be much deeper, so we have the advantage that we can have most of the space we are about to photograph in focus.

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And not only this, but this type of lens differs not only in its distortion effect but also totally immersive. By this we mean that an image with this effect makes us feel like we are in this own place. In addition, this lens is ideal for taking pictures with more creative effects.

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