Tips to take care of your Android battery and a very useful app

New video advice in which I bring you a series of Tips to keep in mind for take care, maintain and maximize battery life of your mobile devices.

Some tips to take care of the battery, useful for any type of mobile device todayeither smartphones, tablets or personal computers. Some tips that you can not and should not miss if you want to keep the battery almost as the first day, in this case in particular your Android terminals.

In the video that I have left at the beginning of this post, I explain with great detail tips to follow to take care of the battery of your mobile devices.

Some tips in which we clear up doubts such as that of know if it is good or bad to leave the smartphone charging overnight, if it is good or not to let the battery discharge until it runs out or if it is good or not to let it charge up to 100% of its capacity.

This apart from recommending a sensational free application for Android with which to help us control the battery charges of our devices, their performance and even useful information about the temperatures at which they are working.

If we add to this that the app has an anti-theft system to have your Android protected and controlled when you let it load on a public site, we are undoubtedly facing an app that is very, very interesting and will be very useful.

The application of which I speak in the video, when you know it, will undoubtedly become a great tool and ally for take care of the battery of your Androids.

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An application that, as it could not be otherwise, we will be able to download totally free from the Google Play Store by clicking on the link that I leave just below these lines.

Download Free Battery Alarm Full & Theft from Google Play Store

I said, all the information about how to take care of the battery of our Android and the use of the recommended application, you can consult it in the video that I have left at the beginning of the post. A video that I hope will be very useful and to clear all doubts and questions you have.

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