To increase its productivity at work, Bitrix24 has brought together all services and applications in a single interface

A service to bring them all together and in productivity bind them. That’s the promise of Bitrix24, a complete project management, CRM and messaging suite that can replace the dozens of applications, software and services that a company’s employees use every day.

How many services, applications or software are you using simultaneously to perform all the tasks and activities of your job? Humanoid’s commercial center uses at least a dozen of them simultaneously: Slack for messaging, Gmail for emails, Google Drive for storage or even Notion for organization and project management.

Added to this is a specific tool for invoicing, a CRM service for customer management, 3 or 4 instant messengers to contact customers and a good old Google Sheets for anything that does not fit into specific boxes. It is also very rare that these software and services can communicate, interact or import data between them.

Bring all services and software together in one interface

These numerous tools and services require substantial adaptation time and process training for newcomers. Sales managers know this all too well, it is often considered that a salesperson only spends 20 to 30% of their time canvassing customers or selling their solutions. The rest goes into administrative procedures, namely where exactly information, a file is located or to carry out its activity monitoring. A loss of efficiency common to all companies, whether they sell advertising or kitchens.

To increase productivity, there are fortunately all-in-one solutions that cover as much as possible the needs of the commercial, administrative and operational activity of a growing company. This is the case with Bitrix24. This professional collaboration platform covers the software and communication needs of employees within a company as much as possible.

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A cloud storage feature is available to easily find the documents of all employees.

Each employee on Bitrix24 has the same interface and the same collaborative tools accessible on any web browser, or via the Bitrix24 application (Android and iOS but also Windows and MacOS). This interface serves as both a collaborative platform with an internal chat, video or cloud file storage system as well as a work platform.

Here are some of the tools made available by Bitrix24:

Task and project management tools

Bitrix24 allows you to create task lists, assign collaborators, deadlines or delivery dates, even invoices or contacts from its integrated CRM. The great power of the tool is then to be able to visualize its tasks under different views: kanban board to clearly see the progress, agenda to check deadlines or even Gantt chart to ensure that production deadlines are met. well respected.

kanban board bitrix24 project management interfaceBitrix24’s project management interface offers views in the form of a kanban table or Gantt chart.

A complete customer relationship management (CRM) tool …

The basis of the good health of its commercial pole is an up-to-date CRM. Bitrix24’s CRM is not just a database with names and phone numbers. It allows both to easily establish lists of prospects (according to their field or the amount of the last transactions, for example), but also to contact them easily and in a grouped way, whether by emails, personalized newsletters, by SMS or even via instant messaging.

bitrix24 crm interfaceBitrix24’s CRM interface. The profile is displayed on the left and all the means of interacting with the contact or prospect on the right.

A unified and consistent interface

The advantage of an all-in-one solution like Bitrix24 is that it allows its different tools and services to be linked together. Let’s take an example with CRM and messaging. Traditionally, CRM tools simply enter basic contact information and send a notification to remind them that this potential customer has not been contacted for a long time.

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Whatsapp bitrix24 instant messaging interfaceNo need to know if you have installed the right software or services to communicate with your customers. The contact center makes it possible to communicate with any customer with one click.

Bitrix24 associates emails with the CRM tool. It is thus possible to immediately have the complete history of correspondence with a prospect: emails sent and responses, of course, but also the latest exchanges via instant messaging and even calls made. Bitrix24 thus makes it possible to send SMS or calls directly from its interface.

The ability to work on a Cloud or self-hosted version

Bitrix24 adapts to the size of your business. For small businesses, it is thus possible to benefit from its services directly on the Cloud, hosted by Bitrix24. But if your structure is larger or you want to have control of the servers yourself, you can very well install and host Bitrix24 yourself.

A free offer and progressive rates depending on the number of employees integrated into the platform.

The many services of Bitrix24 can be tried for free and without employee limit with the free plan, but some CRM and email synchronization features (to link a Gmail account to their Bitrix account for example) will be limited.

Bitrix24 has three premium offers, ranging from 49 to 199 euros per month with subscription lengths of between 1 and 24 months. A special page allows you to compare the different features present or not in the different offers. A free 15-day trial version is also available to test all the platform’s features.

To increase its productivity at work, Bitrix24 has brought together all services and applications in a single interface 2

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