Top 10 Baby Yoda Meme Versions for Siblings

You’ve probably seen Baby Yoda’s meme somewhere on social media in many different contexts. Many don’t know where he came from or what he stands for, but the consensus seems to be that this is one of the cutest memes of late.

Also, the best part about social media is that they take something great and adapt it in so many ways that they manage to make it even better.

That’s exactly what they did with this cuteness, but thinking about the relationship between brothers and sisters. That’s why we decided to put together a list of the top 10 Baby Yoda memes with this theme!

10. Teamwork

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Anyone with an older brother will know exactly the feeling of cooperation this meme brings. In this case, Baby Yoda is the younger brother who can’t play, but wants to help the older brother, in this case, the Mandalorian, to win the game and point out the enemies he might not have seen.

9. Control unplugged

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Another case of the beautiful relationship between siblings of different ages. Often, to get the youngest to stop asking to play, the most viable solution is to make him believe he is helping the game, when his controller, in fact, hasn’t even been connected.

8. False tummy ache

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To get rid of something at school or even at work, faking some kind of pain turns out to be a conventional excuse. While we stay at home, enjoying the day, we have to see our friends or family face another day of activities.

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7. Fight between brothers

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This Baby Yoda represents all those who, in the middle of a fight, stand alone from afar, watching all the mess and thinking about the aftermath of it all. When the argument involves two brothers, it is clear that they will be punished in some way, just wait seeing everything from a reserved and safe corner.

6. Pizza time!

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Microwave pizza is totally dangerous for kids, so they stay downstairs, hoping everything will be ready quickly so they can eat as much as possible. It’s a moment of waiting and wonder to see someone so big from that angle.

5. Rolêzinho night

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Hanging out with older people is a total adventure! Even if the night is bad, at least the experience of hanging out with young people and being able to brag about it to younger friends is totally worth it. Many are just like Baby Yoda: ecstatic.

4. Broken objects

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It sucks to see someone reprimanded, but we have absolutely no control over it. Sometimes the only option is to watch from a stateroom while a brother or cousin gets the biggest scolding for breaking something. You’ve probably been through a similar situation.

3. Staying a candle

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One more situation that, eventually, everyone goes through: when your best friend seems to be getting too close to someone other than you and that feeling of substitution hits. Baby Yoda hurt is exactly how we are in these moments.

2. Wait & Pick Up

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If you have a relative who loves to play video games, especially a Nintendo Wii, they must have already felt the excitement that games cause them. Maybe you got hit at some point too. In the moment before the crash, time stops and control comes our way – there’s nothing to do but wait.

1. Defeat the boss!

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There’s always that complicated phase in a game that you can’t get through and end up having to ask someone older for help who comes in, takes control and wins like it’s the most basic thing possible. Not all heroes wear capes!

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Which of these memes do you most identify with?

Text written by Flávio Motta Coutinho via Nexperts.

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