Top 3 of the most innovative electric bicycles on the market

Currently seeing people riding electric bicycles has become very common, and it is not surprising that many prefer them over other means of transport. Surely you know the benefits that come with cycling, but imagine that in addition to being in good health, reach your destinations faster and with less effort.

Electric bicycles represent for many a great alternative as a transport vehicle, because with them you will avoid more traffic, many times they are faster and less expensive than a car within the city. The implementation of electric motors to classic bicycles was an ingenious revolution, which has managed to call the public and generate many sales.

New models that vary in design and functions are constantly being launched. Therefore, this time, We will introduce you to the top 3 of the most innovative electric bicycles on the market.

Fuell Fluid

First, we have the electric bicycle Fuell Fluid, with its modern touch in design and the technology it has to offer. One of the features that stands out is that instead of having a chain, it has a carbon strip, to avoid possible breakage. Besides 200 km of autonomy that it can reach, which represents twice as much compared to other electric bikes and the arrangement of two batteries of 500 Wh each.

Gocycle GS

Top 3 of the most innovative electric bicycles on the market 3

With a rather unusual design you will find the model Gocycle GS, an urban bicycle whose manufacturers seek to sell quality at a challenging price in the market. In this model the electric elements are integrated in the electric bicycle, so the charging port is located in it. The fixation of its wheels has a particular patent, presenting a magnesium alignment, being much easier to change and its engine is of 500 W achieving a range of 45 km.

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Top 3 of the most innovative electric bicycles on the market 4

The Skoda company will soon present a design that combines several concepts to bring a new electric vehicle to the market. This electric bicycle will not have pedals, instead it will have surfaces to rest the feet, and it will not have brakes on its handlebars. Your wheels will be of Schwalbe Super Moto- X and will present an engine of 4kW which will reach 45 km per hour. In addition, it will use two removable lithium batteries, achieving an autonomy of approximately 62 km. You can connect your mobile to have a view of the control panel, where you can observe the speed and charge of the battery.

These are the most innovative bicycles whose design and operation leave them fascinated by anyone. Technology still has a lot to offer us, but so far what we have seen is dazzling and has managed to attract the public’s interest in the area of ​​cycling, as there is an increasing increase in the number of sales.

You can see many more amazing models in our category of electric bicycles.

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