Toyota-backed Joby Aviation breaks flight record with flying taxi model

Once again, Joby Aviation company is in front of us. This time, the company broke a record with the flying taxi model. announced.

As we recently announced flying taxi in the field Joby Aviation company makes a sound, because the automotive giant behind the company Toyota‘s financial support is included.

Receiving an investment of 590 million dollars in the past years and 394 million dollars of this from Toyota. Joby Aviation, This time he broke a record with the flying taxi he developed.

With the vehicle, the details of which are given below, on a single charge. 249 km It was like a long flight. On a single charge 77 minutes It is reported that it means one flight and this means a record for the company.

in-house six propellers located in electric flying taxiAs you can see above, it has a modern design. This model is completely different from a normal aircraft. 100 times quieter it’s working.

The aircraft, which is reported to be able to reach a speed of 320 km / h, is currently being actively tested. Thanks to Toyota’s experience on the automobile side of this vehicle, they have made great contributions to key issues such as “production, quality and cost control”. The commercial chance of the vehicle in the market is really high.

Flying taxi model by Joby Aviation works very quietly

The company showed this directly with the video below. In this video below, JoeBen Bevirt makes some statements, and the most striking part of the video was towards the end. Here, while Bevirt is speaking, the engines of the developed flying taxi are running and taking off.

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There is a purpose to doing this, and that is to show how quiet the aircraft is. Taxis flying with the effect of very small propellers from the electric motor are compared to helicopters. works incredibly quiet. It is reported that these vehicles cannot be heard even when driving normally.

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