Toyota Turkey employs 800 people; All details about terms and applications

Restarting production Toyota Automotive Industry Turkey aims to increase its production and export targets and to support the workforce. in the coming months It will create employment for about 800 people.

Contributing to Turkey and Sakarya, where it carries out its production activities, with all its efforts, Toyota Automotive Industry TurkeyRegarding the organization of short-term adaptation and certificate trainings to support registered and qualified workforce with İŞKUR Sakarya Provincial Directorate signed the protocol. Toyota Automotive Industry Turkey executives and İŞKUR Manager Tekin Kaya attended the protocol signature meeting. With this project, job seekers registered with İŞKUR in the fields of welding, assembly and painting work. 800 people Employment in the factory will be provided after the training. Contracts of employees participating in training programs After 6 months of work If deemed appropriate, Toyota Automotive Industry will also have the opportunity to become a permanent employee in Turkey.

Toyota maintains measures against coronavirus

Toyota Automotive Industry Turkey, by taking all necessary measures and providing a new business environment on 11 May started production again. Since then detailed hygiene and social distancing continues production by following the rules. Among the measures; fever control at the entrance and not being allowed in in case of a suspicious case, color groups created according to names (employees in the same color group after the health check every Monday not admitted to the facility), 1.5m social distance rule, private security to observe the rules in the factory, increasing the cleaning staff.

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Participant Conditions and Application Form

Job candidates who want to attend a vocational training course; Mr, at least high school graduate, residing in Sakarya and have completed their military service or at least 6 months deferred must meet the conditions. Job candidates who meet these conditions can apply to Sakarya Provincial Directorate of Labor and Employment Agency or those in municipalities. To İŞKUR Representatives they can apply.

İŞKUR Director Tekin Kaya reminded that İŞKUR’s employment incentive programs continue and invited employers who will increase their employment during the normalization process after June 1, 2020, to benefit from employment incentives. Employees will be recruited for new hires with İŞKUR on-the-job training programs. From 3 months to 6 months, the fees are paid by the institution. He also stated that he would benefit from the payment incentive. You can follow all the developments about this initiative of Toyota Automotive Industry Turkey on

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