TP-Link’s first modem with Wi-Fi 6 technology: TP-Link Deco X20-DSL

TP-Linkannounced its first modem with Wi-Fi 6 technology. TP-Link Deco X20-DSL The device named is included in TP-Link’s Mesh WiFi family. Deco X20-DSL is a modem that supports Super VDSL2 and creates a Mesh Wi-Fi network.

Thanks to Super VDSL2, the device can run all applications that require high speed such as 4K video, cloud gaming, video conferencing. The modem can provide an increased download speed of 350 M/s. Dual-band support Deco X20-DSL modem can reach 1.8 Gbps wireless speeds (5 GHz: 1201 Mbps + 2.4 GHz: 574 Mbps).

Thanks to OFDMA and MU-MIMO technologies, the modem, which provides simultaneous support to many devices, can reach Wi-Fi signals to farther points. Thanks to the mesh technology, it is possible to roam in this wide network with a single network name and password without interruption or disconnection.

Deco X20-DSL modem has features that offer high speeds in cable connection. There are 4 Gigabit WAN/LAN Ethernet ports on the modem. All devices included in the network with a Deco router or cable can be connected to these inputs with gigabit speed.

What is the selling price of TP-Link Deco X20-DSL?

TP-Link’s free HomeShield security suite comes with the modem. Thanks to this package, the security of all networks and devices connected to the network is provided at a high level. Real-time IoT and network protection, powerful Parental Controls and comprehensive reports are among the advantages of HomeShield. The price of the device, which is announced to be available for sale at the beginning of summer, is 180 dollars.

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