Tracked: Apple’s new data protection awareness campaign

Apple has launched a new communication campaign around data protection and respect for privacy on iPhone.

Choose who can track your information… and who can’t “. In his commercial titled TrackedApple is promoting the new privacy tools the company has implemented on iPhones.

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In the US, 4% of iPhone users leave app tracking enabled after iOS 14.5 update

Apple has a message: For privacy, it’s the iPhone

In this one-minute clip that you can watch at the top of the article, we see an individual being followed everywhere he goes by other people, who represent the publicity snitches. Ordering a coffee, going to the bank, shopping, whatever he does, the protagonist is spied on and tracked.

A fun way to alert public opinion to all the data that is siphoned off by the services and applications we use on a daily basis. While highlighting the App Tracking Transparency feature introduced with the iOS 14.5 update, which once activated, requires apps to obtain authorization before harvesting user information.

Source : Youtube

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