Tricks for Windows: unknown features for better performance

Windows 10 contains many features and tools for all users. The problem is that many of them are hidden in the system or Microsoft simply does not give them the advertising they deserve, so they always remain in the shadows, almost forgotten.

Tricks for Windows

Some of the more interesting characteristics are:

Clipboard history Windows (and sync)

As always, when we copied something, this element ended up in the clipboard. And it was a one-time use. This means that if we copied another element into it, the previous one disappeared. The new clipboard history feature is designed specifically to address this issue.

Now Windows can save multiple items to the clipboard without overwriting them. If we use the insert option, it will, as always, insert the most recent one directly. But if we use The shortcut keys Win + V , instead of pasting an item, we can see a dropdown with all the copied items, and we can navigate through it until we find the one we want.

Moreover, thanks to One disc, we can sync this history with the cloud so that other computers or devices can access these items.

Enable Game Bar Performance Gadgets

Game bar playback monitor gadgets during playback

Windows 7 released a type of small program known as gadgets that allowed us to monitor PC performance right from the desktop. Today the sidebar and gadgets are outdated and not recommended for use. But have Windows 10 there is an interesting alternative: Game bar

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A game bar or game bar is a superimposed bar in Windowswhich we can launch with the keyboard shortcut Windows + G which allows us to access all kinds of items on the PC. The two most interesting gadgets we can find in this menu are, for example, the performance monitor and the task manager. We can bind them to the desktop using a button icon so that these elements are always visible.

God mode: all settings at your fingertips

modo dios w10

Windows 10 has different configuration panels. On the one hand, we have the classic control panel, and on the other, the settings menu. But it also hides a secret advanced panel from which we can access all advanced and secret settings. Windows from one window: God ‘mode

We can activate God mode in Windowsto get access to all hidden settings and configurations of our computer.

Timeline in Windows 10

Linea de Tiempo

Windows Timeline appeared in Windows several versions ago. This new panel should be positioned as an improved alternative to the Alt + Tab panel, which allows us to quickly switch between open programs. The timeline can be opened with Keyboard shortcut Windows + Tab , and this will allow us to see all open programs, as well as all files and programs that we opened in Windows over time. Also from here

A very easy way to move between apps and also be able to share files and activities between computers and devices thanks to OneDrive sync.

Exchange between devices and PC with Windows

Compare configuration

Unlike Android and Ios, file exchange between computers Windows was quite a difficult, tedious and time-consuming task. Until now. V Windows 10 there is a “Sharing” function that allows us to share all kinds of files from other close people who are connected to the same local network.

This is a fast way to send and receive files in Windowsand also allows us to exchange other types of data, such as phones and contacts, and even allows us to continue what we do on our PC on another device, such as a mobile phone or tablet.

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