Tritium Tweak adds a load chart and always on screen to iPhone

We previously discussed PiP and AOD settings, which bring an always-on feature to the iPhone lock screen. Joining them today is another change that’s always going on for jailbroken devices, bringing missing features and useful features to the lock screen.

With the Tritium settings, you can have an always-on display feature, which will display the current date and time when your iPhone is idle on a table or charging. In addition to the date and time, you can also add other widgets for notifications. When the device is charging, Tritium will show Apple Watch an inspired loading screen that also displays the current date and time.

Tritium tweaks also offers third-party tweaking support and is capable of displaying compatible tweaking widgets. For example, you can add Apple Watch Inspired complications for the Tritium display using Watermelon or JellyFish. This setting does all of this without affecting the battery life of your device.

You also have access to many customization options that will allow you to change the color of the normal Tritium screen and loading screen.

If you’re concerned about OLED screen burn-in issues, you can be sure because Tritium offers burn-in protection by periodically adjusting the position of user interface elements. Tweak also knows the current position of the phone and will automatically turn off when you put the device in your pocket or upside down to save battery power.

When CCSupport settings are installed, you will gain access to the Control Center module that allows you to enable or disable the settings for settings.

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You can download Tritium settings from Cydia or Sileo through the Packix repository. Tritium is available at a price of $ 1,999 and runs on iOS 11.0 entirely through iOS 13.3.

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