Tumblr sold banana price for WordPress owner after banning pornography

Tumblr sold banana price for Wordpress owner after banning pornography 3

Six years ago Yahoo saw great potential on Tumblr and bought it for $ 1 billion, a very high value for a blogging service.

It didn’t take long, however, for the company to put it up for sale with several other assets following a fresh wave of internal crises. Who took it this time was Verizon’s media conglomerate, which along with Yahoo’s other products caught Tumblr on a purchase totaling more than $ 4 billion.

What no one expected was that in such a short time the blogging service would fall into disinterest: Verizon, widely criticized for not posting pornographic content – which has always been part of the life of the service – opted to ban it from the platform. which has made its access rate drop dramatically since December last year.

Perhaps as a result a crisis has been established in the blogging division, which is now causing her to sell the service for less than $ 10 million …

Who is buying Tumblr, including, is Automattic, owner of none other than WordPress. With a leader in the segment, the service is expected to be revitalized, but the company has warned that the veto of pornographic content should be maintained.

For users, command switching shouldn’t mean much, at least right away. The deal also involved maintaining the 200 employees who play Tumblr.

Remember, WordPress is a very versatile blogging tool that even allows the construction of e-commerce stores by plugins. Despite the latest purchase from Automattic, it is likely that products will continue to go in different directions given their target audience.

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