Turkey stocks of iPhone 13 family in Apple melted

Consisting of four different models iPhone 13 The availability of his family in Turkey, especially at Apple, is at a very low level. taking.

iPhone 13 family is also on sale on Apple’s official site in Turkey, but the stocks are seriously exhausted. Currently, even for 13 mini, a delivery date is given between 27 October and 5 November. Apple Turkey is giving a delivery date between November 5 and November 12 for someone who buys it now for 13.

The situation is worse for the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. Now, someone who buys a 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max from Apple will be able to receive their phone between November 12 and November 19. It should be noted that phones are not easily available in other sales channels other than Apple.

Behind this is the effect of Apple’s limited stocks rather than Turkey-based high sales. Because Apple is currently announcing late delivery dates abroad.

Phones naturally appeal to a very limited audience in Turkey with their high prices. Alright iPhone 13 Why is his family expensive in Turkey? reply here is located.

Let’s remind the prices of the iPhone 13 family in Turkey again:

13 mini:

128GB: 10,999 TL
256GB: 11.999 TL
512GB: 13,999 TL


128GB: 11,999 TL
256GB: 12.999 TL
512GB 14.999 TL

13 Pro:

128GB: 15.999 TL
256GB: 16,999 TL
512GB: 18.999 TL
1TB: 20,999 TL

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13 Pro Max:

128GB: 17.999 TL
256GB: 18.999 TL
512GB: 20,999 TL
1 TB: 22.999 TL

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