Turkey’s most expensive electric bike model was further hiked

The most expensive sold in Turkey electric bike The model has now become even more expensive. As you can imagine, this model TREK from the firm.

Electric bike The market is developing and the prices of some models are truly breathtaking. There is a very special bicycle in this regard in Turkey. The model that pushes the limits the most in Turkey in terms of price TREK signed RAIL becomes a model. Last time we look at Turkey price 50 thousand TL The bike, which is the first one, is in full swing after the last exchange rate increases. 54 thousand TLpast case. The foreign price of the bike, which is as expensive as a second-hand car 5,490 euros located at the level. Particularly, it has seen great changes depending on the euro exchange rate, which reaches 10 TL. TREK RAILCurrently, many normal or electric motorcycle models are sold more expensive in Turkey. This really draws attention.

TREK RAIL electric bike is very ambitious

A truly breathtaking bike for its price, it has been prepared directly in the form of a mountain bike for off-road use. The bike, which has suspension systems in the front and in the middle, looks very modern with its purple-black color and is an extremely high-end option. In the center of the model, which is built on a 625W battery pack, 250W in strength Bosch Performance Line CX electric motor is included. with this engine up to 25 km/h The special bike, which can be removed, also allows battery replacement.

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