Turkey’s service fees for the iPhone 14 family have been announced

iPhone 14 family’s Turkey service and repair fees have been determined. The numbers are quite high in relation to the prices of the phones themselves. high.

iPhone 14 announced by Apple of the family out-of-warranty battery replacement fee as a partner 2,119 TL located at the level. 14 and 14 Plus models out of warranty rear camera change fee 3.999 TL. This figure is specific to 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. 5,699 TLgoing out. For 14 and 14 Plus crack screen replacement for 14 6.999 TL, For 14 Plus 7.999 TL is level. Also for 14 Pro 7.999 TL Apple, who wants to, is for the 14 Pro Max. 9,999 TL service fee.

your iPhone 14 other damages The full out-of-warranty service fee provided by Apple for 20,429 TL located at the level. for 14 Plus 21,919 TLfor 14 Pro 24.999 TLfor 14 Pro Max full 26.999 TL The service fee is disclosed. Rear window damage For iPhone 14 to Apple for repair 3.999 TLfor 14 Plus 4,599 TLfor 14 Pro 16,699 TLfor 14 Pro Max full 19,499 TL must be paid.

You can take a look at all the official prices of the phones just below.


128: 30,999 TL
256: 33,599 TL
512: 38,899 TL

-14 Plus

128: 34.999 TL
256: 37,599 TL
512: 42,899 TL

-14 Pro

128: 39,999 TL
256: 42,599 TL
512: 47,899 TL
1TB: 53,199 TL

-14 Pro Max

128: 43,999 TL
256: 46,599 TL
512: 51,899 TL
1TB: 57,199 TL

apple for family Pro Specifically, the models are summarized below: “Dynamic Island offers a magical new iPhone experience. Innovative 48 MP camera for incredible details. And a new safety feature designed to save lives. All powered by an outstanding smartphone chip taking.”

For 14 and 14 Plus, the following is transferred: “Meet the new iPhone 14 Plus, an iPhone 14 and larger option. Amazing all-day battery life. A new safety feature designed to save lives. And even more gorgeous photos in dim light.”

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