Turkish language support for Amazon Alexa may be on the way

shopping giant Amazon Advanced digital assistant developed by Alexa Turkish language support may come soon.

Amazon Alexa, It has been in our lives for a long time as a very strong competitor against Apple Siri and Google Assistant. The digital assistant, which is very popular abroad, if not in Turkey, behind it both Amazon’s affordable products and extensive third-party support, came up with a topic related to Turkey today. Amazon, In order to improve the use of Alexa based in Turkey, it started to search for test users.. For this purpose, the company sent an invitation by e-mail.

Amazon For now, this e-mail does not provide 100 percent clear information, but the step taken is long-awaited. It seems to point to Turkish language support as well. Alexa’s competitors have had Turkish language support for a long time, and Amazon, which has official operations in Turkey, now needs to localize Alexa. In this step, Amazon’s Alexa-based “Echo” It seems likely that it will officially bring its products to Turkey.

Alexa An interesting study has come to the fore in the past few months. Taking a surprising step forward, the company will be able to produce digital copies by listening to the voice recordings of relatives who lost their lives.. This is the process where even recordings of less than 1 minute will suffice, based on artificial intelligence. will create realistic sound profiles and they can be used for different purposes.

For example, thanks to this infrastructure, it is possible to listen to the story with the voice of someone who lost his life or By changing the voice of Alexa It can be used to chat in order to find peace with the voice of relatives who are not with us.

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For the technology introduced as part of the Amazon re:Mars conference held in Las Vegas, Rohit Prasad said, “Artificial intelligence won’t be able to take away the pain of losing loved ones, but it will certainly make their memories permanent.” and “Our dreams and science fiction come true” making statements.

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