Twitter brings voicemail for direct messages; here are the details

become the number one source of information for most people. twitterbrought another new feature. Here’s to know what’s needed;

twitter made an official announcement today to make it easier to chat in direct messages (DM). Announced that they have brought the voicemail feature to DMs.

twitter In the statement made by the company, it was stated that this trial started to be implemented in Turkey and Nigeria as of today (12 May). In the statement made by the company, the following statements were included in full:

“This will give people more opportunities to express themselves clearly and quickly, whether they are on the go or have a lot to write about.

For a hands-free experience, in a DM call, account holders simply tap on the new voice recording icon to start recording.

Once complete they have the option to listen to their recording before sending or deleting the recording by tapping the stop icon.

Alternatively, they can also quick send by pressing and holding the voice recording icon and swiping up to send immediately after they have finished speaking.

There is a 140 second limit for each recording. We want to encourage everyone to start private conversations about what matters to them using voicemail.

We look forward to seeing how our feature is used in Turkey and Nigeria and to receive feedback on this trial.”

Twitter continues to evolve with new features

It cannot increase its user base as much as its competitors and does not have very high financial income. twitterrecently introduced the tip box feature.

OnePlus Nord CE 5G, which will also be sold in Turkey, was introduced; here is the price

With this feature, people can twitter will be able to send money to their accounts directly within the service and support them financially.

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