Twitter will also show state-affiliated individuals and organizations in Turkey

Character-limited platform of social media twittertakes another important step. The company will also show state-affiliated individuals and organizations in Turkey.

twitterstate-affiliated individuals and media organizations at the end of last year by tagging display started the era. With this step, the company aims to provide better information about the account they follow, and actively uses the part of the process related to content related to “abroad” in Turkey as well. This infrastructure will soon be activated directly for accounts in Turkey. From HaberTürk Necdet CaliskanAccording to the news of ‘As of February 17, Turkey-based “to government-related accountsgovernment account warning will be added. This phrase will appear actively in verified accounts of key government officials, including the head of state, foreign ministers, corporate bodies, ambassadors, official spokespersons and key diplomatic leaders. The media side of the process in Turkey will most likely be used only for TRT.

For example, in Sputnik Turkey, the phrase “account related to the Russian state” is used.

Twitter will soon get a big penalty in Turkey

You know, social network providers with more than one million daily access It has to have a representative in Turkey. Social media channels that do not do this have been subject to large financial penalties so far. The total number of companies that do not accept to open a representative office in Turkey 40 million TL (for each company separately) was fined. If the last advertising ban started to be implemented. In this case, companies and individuals who are taxpayers in Turkey can access the mentioned sites / platforms. Advertising is prohibited. The first ban on this subject was recently twitter to the side Done.

Volta electric bike and motorcycle models and prices sold in Turkey

Recently, it has taken great steps for politicians in Turkey. twitterhas not appointed a representative to Turkey yet. What will happen next? Companies that cannot appoint a representative after the advertising ban band width will be reduced. In this context twitterBandwidth throttling of 50 percent will be made first in April. Despite this, if the representative does not take the step, 90 percent bandwidth throttling will be put into effect in May. At this point twitter it will become seriously unusable for Turkey. Time will tell if it will come to this point.

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