UBCO, the New Zealand manufacturer of mountain bikes and utility bikes will land in Europe



Clubic readers, if you are also a fan of mountain bikes and electric mopeds, you have probably heard of UBCO. This New Zealand manufacturer has been squatting our pages for several months and now plans to invade the European market.

After having conquered Australia and recently launched into the American market, UBCO has just appointed a marketing director dedicated to Europe and intends to launch into new countries. The company has completed a Series A fundraiser and plans to switch to Series B within one year.

New European markets in the sights of UBCO

Born in 2014 in New Zealand, UBCO creates and markets electric mopeds and mountain bikes for the general public – for a certain price, however. The company quickly gained some success, especially in Australia, by combining utility vehicles with advanced technology and elegant lines, often vintage, like its bestseller is the UBCO 2X2.

UBCO 2x2


The company has therefore just appointed Neil Tierney as “CMO” (marketing director) for the European continent. UBCO, which completed a financing round in November, now plans to ally itself with new distributors in Denmark, Spain and Sweden. Note that the brand’s products are not entirely absent from the old continent since they are already present in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Lithuania.

Two new versions of the UBCO 2×2, including a buggy?

If the company has been talked about for its pedal-free all-terrain electric bike, its flagship product, as we mentioned, is the UBCO 2×2, an all-terrain electric motorcycle with two-wheel drive, and two 1 kW electric motors installed in each wheel for a maximum speed of 50 km per hour. Its battery allows you to enjoy 150 km of autonomy on the flat.

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However, Neil Tierney teased the arrival of new vehicles at the site Electrek. He notably tackled the development of a new version of the UBCO 2×2, but in 2×1, to comply with the regulations of certain European countries concerning e-bikes. The company is also working on a UBCO 4×4, which would actually be a small buggy.

Source: Electrek

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