UFC-Que Choisir launches legal action against SFR and its RED packages

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After numerous complaints, UFC-Que Choisir decided to file a complaint against SFR.

In question, ” misleading business practices » concerning the RED by SFR packages.

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SFR RED in the sights of UFCQue Choisir

A few months ago, SFR imposed an increase in the price of the RED by SFR subscription for many subscribers. These subscriptions have, for example, been increased from 10 to 13 euros and have been accompanied by an increase in the data envelope, but without ever giving the subscriber the possibility of refusing this offer.

Many people have seen their RED by SFR offer “ evolve “(to use the term of the group), despite a package whose price was supposed to be maintained” for life “. These price increases range from 30 to 75% depending on the package.

Red by SFR

This forced price increase is obviously difficult to pass to the many subscribers. To the grievances of the latter, SFR responds that the package is non-binding and that they are therefore free to join the competition. Obviously, few are those who take the initiative to terminate their package, to the delight of SFR, which is very unconcerned about the misleading (and dishonest?) nature of its practices, given the additional financial gains obtained each month. .

But for the UFC-Que Choisir association, “ the practices implemented by SFR are clearly misleading. SFR has knowingly misled consumers by making maintaining the initial price of RED by SFR packages over time the strongest argument to convince consumers to swell the ranks of its subscribers. »

The association has chosen to sue SFR once again for ” misleading business practices “. Recall that a few years ago, this same association won a dispute with this same SFR, this time concerning illegal and abusive clauses.

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Note that some operators have recently sent some of their subscribers a message indicating an upcoming price increase, again accompanied by an increase in the data envelope. The operators nevertheless gave the customers concerned the possibility of refusing the offer made to them, provided that they clearly expressed their refusal through their customer area. If there is no news from the customer, the price increase is automatically applied.

And you, have you been the victim of this kind of practice on the part of your telephone operator?

Source : UFC-What to choose

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