United We Fall canceled by ABC after one season

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ABC’s new sitcom, United We Fall, was canceled by the network after only one season. The series starred Will Sasso (mom) and Christina Vidal Mitchell (Code Black) and debuted on TV in July of this year on ABC’s prime-time band.

United We Fall had a good rating on its debut, reaching 4.2 million viewers in its first episode. The series was the best open TV debut in more than a year in the United States, however, it had a drop in audience, averaging 3.4 million in eight episodes of the 1st season.

The series had a higher audience than other programs on the network, such as Genetic Detective, Bachelor GOAT and the final season of Agents of SHIELD, but even so, ABC chose not to renew.

About United We Fall

United We Fall it was a comedy series that followed the experiences and tribulations of Jo (Christina Vidal) and Bill (Will Sasso), parents of two young men, as they tried to make the family’s daily life work.

But Bill’s judgmental mother (Jane Curtin role) and Jo’s large Latin Catholic family never hesitated to let them know how wrong they were. The series also starred young actress Emma Grace Helton.

What did you think about the cancellation of United We Fall? Did you follow the series?

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