Update for Realme X2 Pro with great news

Though Realme X2 Pro At the end of last year, Realme achieved a large number of sales of this model, so it wants to keep it updated with the latest news and changes. With Android 11 and the changes we’ll see in Realme UI 2.0, the model in question is getting plenty of previews of what this great update will be like.

Update for Realme X2 Pro with great news

Given that this is not yet an update based on the new Android version, it is easy to foresee that some of these changes will also affect other high and mid-range models this year, such as the Realme X3 among others. Extension Realme UI update became a reality on the Asian continent, but it will take several days before it also reaches Europe and Spain. The news goes hand in hand with the August security patch and demonstrates the company’s commitment to its terminals from years past.

Realme X2 Pro update news

In order to achieve the changes we are about to learn, you will only need to be careful about our mobile phone notifications and from time to time check the actions under Settings> System> Updates. In addition to the changes that we learn about, the security and protection of our phone will be improved.

Realme X2 Pro Tumbado

The screen is noticeably better

Since this is an AMOLED screen, its capabilities are growing compared to other models, and in order to continue to take advantage of its advantages, the DC Dimming function has been added, with which we manage to limit the brightness in the dark, and also allows us to control the flickering of the screen. screen. Screen movement has also been corrected to be smoother and more consistent with the refresh rate being used.

These changes are more hardware related and so only top models will get them, other models need to be confirmed by the following changes, which are mostly software based.

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Big changes in the battery

Realme X2 Pro

A new standby mode enters the scene to limit battery drain and improves the autonomy of Realme X2 Pro especially at night when we are not using it. Along with that, added another step in battery saving, which we can activate in emergencies and see how the battery lasts longer.

Other exciting news for Realme UI

Among all the changes we find, we see an endless amount of news that is likely to reach Realme smartphones in a generalized way now that they have been developed. We may have to wait until Realme UI 2.0, but sooner or later they should appear. Some changes are just bug fixes and improvements , but we think that they are interesting to the owners of this smartphone.

  • Extended screenshots are reality. With additional aesthetic changes.
  • Wi-Fi network scanning is now more complete and faster.
  • We can copy the IMEI number just by holding it.
  • New option for complete cleaning of processes.
  • New sound and vibration systems.
  • Added user change, we can change the user on the smartphone.
  • Activating airplane mode does not turn off Bluetooth.
  • Changed animation of the status bar.
  • Fixed issues with screen, Wi-Fi, photos and Bluetooth headset connection.
  • Added new Realme community app.

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