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For users who have Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017), this is the perfect guide to upgrade it to the official Android 9.0 Pie firmware Samsung finally released the long awaited Android Pie update for J5 2017 2 year budget range, Galaxy J5 (2017) finally now receives the second major Android update. The first jump was from Nougat to Oreo and now, from Oreo to Android Pie. This version is the main version and we recommend that you install it as soon as possible to make the most of it Galaxy Q5 (2017).

Until Android Oreo, the brand switched to the Samsung experience of TouchWiz. And recently, with Android Pie, Samsung has come with other major improvements and called it One UI. Like Samsung Experience or TouchWiz of the past, One UI is an exclusive mask designed by Samsung that is above Android. With One UI, changes are primarily focused on minima and are designed to support one-handed use. In addition to this new user interface, there are a number of other changes to the Android Pie enhancement available to be installed on Samsung as well. Galaxy Q5 (2017). Before proceeding with the installation, be sure to make a full backup of all your data.

Rejection: Use this guide at your own risk. We at TeamAndroid will not be responsible if you cancel or damage your device. Furthermore, the firmware, file system or application used are the property of their respective owners.

Android Pie firmware details:

This update is the main one. Bring a new Android Pie review and with that, it also comes with Samsung’s latest One UI software skin. After installation, you can see all the changes immediately.

This firmware tutorial applies to various types Galaxy J5 (2017) varaints. Specific model numbers supported by this guide are listed above.

  • Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) J530FM

To make sure you have the right Samsung Galaxy Models / variants J5 (2017), go to Settings> About phone> Model number.

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Samsung Galaxy J5 USB Driver (2017)

You must connect your Android phone with a computer. For that, make sure you have installed the USB driver for Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) correctly. If not, you can download the latest official driver from our Android USB Drivers section here:

Download Samsung Galaxy J5 USB Driver (2017)!

Everything ready and ready? Well now you can continue reading below and updating Galaxy J5 (2017) for the official Android Pie firmware update.

How to install an Android Pie Galaxy J5 (2017)

In advance, we have detailed step by step procedures where you can update Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) for Android Pie builds. The firmware is officially signed by Samsung and we will use the latest ODIN to use it Galaxy Q5 (2017).

Please read each line carefully and be sure to read the tutorial before it appears on your device.


  • This tutorial is only for Samsung Galaxy Q5 (2017). Do not try this on other phone variants.
  • The firmware used in this publication are official Samsung releases for Galaxy Q5 (2017).
  • Be sure to back up all data on your phone before continuing.

Complete step-by-step instructions:

Step 1 – Download the Android Pie update from the link below for your details Galaxy Model J5 (2017) to your computer and extract the zip file.

Step 2 – Download Odin, which will help you install Android Pie updates on Samsung Galaxy Q5 (2017).

Step 3 – Switch Turn off your phone. Now, enter the download mode. How? Press and hold the Volume Down + Bixby buttons together, then press the Power button until you see an Android construction robot and a triangle. Press Power again to confirm that you enter Download Mode.

Step 4 – Make sure you have it Galaxy J5 (2017) USB driver installed on your computer.

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Step 5 – Open ODIN on your computer. Connect your mobile device to the computer when your device is in download mode.

Step 6 – If your cell phone is successfully connected, one ID: The COM box will turn yellow with the COM port number. This step may take time.

Step 7 – Now select the file you need to flash / install on your cell phone. These files can be found in the archive extracted in Step 1.

  • Click on ‘AP’ and select the file with ‘AP’ in its name.
  • Click on ‘CP’ and choose the file with ‘MODEM’ in its name. Skip this step if there are no such files.
  • Click on ‘CSC’ and select the file with ‘CSC’ in its name. Skip this step if there are no such files.
  • Click on ‘PIT’ and select the .pit file. Skip this step if there are no such files.
  • Click on ‘BL’ and select the file with ‘BL’ in the name. Ignore if there are no such files.

If you are using an older version of ODIN or flashing firmware that does not have the above mentioned file name format, please refer to the abbreviation of the previous name format below. Please note that only changes to file names, functions, and background processes remain the same, so don’t worry.

  • AP = PDA
  • BL = bootloader
  • CP = modem

Step 8 – In ODIN, check Automatic restart and F. Reset the time The chose. How to Repartitioning options, check ONLY if you select the .PIT file in the previous steps.

Step 9 – Now click on the Start button in ODIN. The installation process will begin and will take several minutes to complete.

Step 10 – After installation is complete, your phone will reboot. After viewing the home screen, disconnect your phone from the computer.

There she is. Your samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) has now been updated to the Android Pie firmware update. Go to Settings> About phone to check.

Backup and other important tips

See the following tips and important points to handle. This is important, because we do not want anyone to lose their personal data or applications.

Always make a backup of your important data that you may need after installing new custom ROMs, official software updates or whatever. Back up just in case, you never know when things go wrong. Read: How to backup Android apps, text messages, WhatsApp, call history.

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Samsung users can also back up data with Samsung Smart Switch to your computer. Intelligent Switch helps move data across various Android devices, namely Samsung Galaxy S7 data backup to Samsung Galaxy Q5 (2017).

If you already have a special recovery (ClockworkMod, TWRP, etc.) installed on your phone, we recommend that you use it because it creates a complete picture of your phone’s current settings. (Tutorial: How to backup Android phone using TWRP)

Some optional tips to remember:

1. Having trouble connecting your Android phone to a computer? You must enable USB debugging mode. Look here: How to Activate USB Debugging: For Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Marshmallow, Nougat and Oreo.

2. Make sure your Android device is charged with up to 80-85% battery. This could help you: How to check the battery percentage. Why? Because if your phone suddenly shuts down when installing a special ROM, install an official firmware update or install a mod, etc. – Your cell phone may be damaged or permanently dead. No one wants that, right?

3. Most of the tutorials and how-to guides on Android team are for unlocked Android phones and tablets. We recommend not testing our guide if your phone is locked on the operator, unless we have determined the name or model of the operator’s device.

That is all! Because if you have a problem or problem with the steps, please be sure to contact us via feedback. Did you find a broken link? Tell us!

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