Updating Kaspersky: downloading new versions and databases

Kaspersky one of the most famous, experienced and best antivirus programs to protect our Windows… This antivirus has a large number of protective screens that allow us to protect ourselves from almost any type of computer attack. However, this protection is of little use unless we have an updated antivirus.

Updating Kaspersky: downloading new versions and databases

Next, let’s see how we can update Kaspersky and how to make sure we always use the latest antivirus.

Upgrading to the latest version of Kaspersky

Kaspersky doesn’t want users to complicate or do anything to keep the antivirus updated and updated. Therefore, after installing Kaspersky, we will always have the latest version of the program. It will update automatically with new fixes and new versions, so we have nothing to worry about.

Download antivirus

If we do not have antivirus installed and we are going to install it on our PC for the first time, it is very important to know where we can download this security software without risking it. As with all programs, we must always go to the manufacturer’s official website to download the latest software. And in the case of antivirus, that’s more important than ever.

All versions Kaspersky for PC can be downloaded from the following link.We can select the version we want to download, download a trial version and even buy a license if we are confident that we will use this program.

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From this site we will download the downloader. When launched, the program will take care of downloading the latest version of the program and start the installation process. When it’s over, we will have the most recent version of the antivirus on our PC. Although, yes, we first have to update the virus database.

Updating the virus database of Kaspersky

This antivirus database updates are also automatic by default. But if we want, we can very easily monitor them to know if the antivirus was updated when it was last updated, or to update it manually.

In the main window of the program, we can find a section called ” Database update “.

Updating Kaspersky

If we click on this button, we can go to the antivirus updates section. Here we will be able to see if the virus databases were recently updated or if they require updating. At the bottom we can see a section that will show us when the last update of the database was performed.

Timaltima actualización de Kaspersky

To update the antivirus manually, just click Start update ”And wait for the wizard to complete.

Buscar is updated by Kaspersky

Updating the database will only take a few seconds, so it shouldn’t take long. And we will never be unprotected, which is very important.

Update Kaspersky database

When the process is over, we will have an updated antivirus. We will be 100% protected.

Configuring automatic updates

One of the best features of a modern antivirus is automatic updates. If everything is working correctly and we have an active Internet connection, the antivirus will take care of downloading only new versions from the virus database so that we can always be protected from threats.

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Antivirus configuration parameters are located in the program settings. To get to them, we have to click on the gear-shaped icon that appears in the lower left corner of the program window. Once there, we must choose “Additional” section antivirus configuration, and there click on “Refresh”.

Abrir opciones de Kaspersky Anti-VirusKaspersky adicional update

We will be able to see a new configuration panel with various configuration parameters, about the updates that Kaspersky offers us.

Configuración de factizaciones de Kaspersky

The first option allows us to configure how the antivirus and its databases are updated. By default, the automatic option is checked, although we can select the desired time range.

Elegir, typo actualization of de Kaspersky

The second section is to specify the update sources. By default, the official Kaspersky servers are labeled, although we can change them and add our own servers if we have them.

Orígenes de factizaciones Kaspersky

And thirdly, we will be able to change the level of privileges of the system from which Kaspersky will be updated. By default, Kaspersky runs with the same privilege level as the user we are using. But if it has limited permissions, it can cause problems, for example when updating. If we choose a different PC user, updates will be made with the privilege level of that new user.

Usuario update kaspersky

This is how Kaspersky updates work. And thanks to them, we will be able to constantly update our antivirus and offer us maximum protection against all types of threats.

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