Use features in the Notes app on iPad [Nasıl yapılır?]

on iOS devices used Notes We would like to talk about the features that the application offers. In the Notes application, users can use the quick note feature.

With this feature, links to applications and web pages can be added. Users can access the quick note feature by swiping up the right corner of the screen. iPadOS 15.2It is also possible to access the quick note feature by swiping up the bottom left or right corner of the screen. Users can search or organize folders in the application. Users can tag notes using the # symbol and keywords and quickly find the tags they are looking for. The application also includes an event view. With the activity view, users can see what others have added to their notes. Users can send notifications to their friends using the mention feature.

The scribbling feature that we encounter in the application allows adding handwriting to text fields. When writing in a dark area, the scribble feature automatically appears as light text. Thanks to the machine learning technologies on the device, handwriting turns into text written with a keyboard. The shape recognition feature in the application allows drawing shapes such as geometric lines, arcs, hearts and arrows.

Notes app also targets users who like to draw

The Notes app also has Apple Pencil support. In this way, users can draw or take handwritten notes in the Notes app using Apple Pencil. In the application, which includes various marking tools, users can draw straight lines using a ruler. Handwriting turns into text with the keyboard.

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