Valve opens repair centers for its Steam Deck

Joystick Steam Deck © Valve

Valve has finally decided to open dedicated repair centers for its portable console.

Please note that the repair will not necessarily be free.

Valve takes its Steam Deck repair seriously

Launched last February, the Steam Deck currently has relatively few technical problems. This obviously does not prevent Valve’s portable console from encountering breakdowns and other malfunctions. This is why the company has decided to open repair centers dedicated to its machine.

Once Steam Support has been contacted and the machine has been received by Valve, a diagnosis will be carried out there. Then, two scenarios will arise. If the problem is covered by the guarantee, the repair will be free and you will only have to wait for the return of the Steam Deck. On the other hand, if the problem is not covered, a discussion between the user and the repairers will be launched around a possible paid repair.

Valve makes it clear that this out-of-warranty repair service is optional and that it is possible to request to recover your device to repair it otherwise.

Some known scenarios

In its announcement post, Valve mentions a few examples. If it is the buttons on the console that are experiencing inconvenience (“ which is rare, but can happen ”), replacement, testing and calibration will be offered. In contrast, ” if your dog gnaws on the analog stick and damages it, the warranty does not cover this case “. In this kind of situation, Valve can repair the console against payment, even if the warranty has expired.

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Valve also reminds that it is possible to repair your console alone. For this, repair kits, spare parts and guides are offered by iFixit, the site specializing in the repair of electronic devices.

Source : Valve

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