Vehicle inspection delay fee calculation [Nasıl yapılır?]

One of the most frequently asked questions by vehicle owners to TÜVTÜRK is how the delay fee for periodic vehicle inspection is calculated. Here are the answers.

TÜVTÜRK continues its communication efforts to inform vehicle owners throughout Turkey about vehicle inspection services accurately and completely. The periodic maintenance of the vehicles is not interrupted and the vehicle inspection is carried out on time, traffic Safety TÜVTÜRK, stating that it is of vital importance for theHow is the vehicle inspection delay fee calculated? answered the question.

For each delayed month, the inspection fee is charged with 5% more.

Inspection fee for each month of delay, excluding the inspection fee, as a result of the vehicle being taken for inspection after the inspection validity period has expired. more than 5 percent charged with. For example, a vehicle whose inspection date has passed 3 months is delayed when it arrives at the station. for each month He pays 5 percent more of the inspection fee and the total price he will pay is 15 percent more than the inspection fee. The excess fee is 5% of the inspection fee. by multiplying by 3 being calculated. When calculating the duration, the delayed month is taken into account, not the day. All excess amounts collected are transferred to the Ministry of Finance Revenue Administration.

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How to learn the expiry date of the examination?

Vehicle owners can learn when the validity of the inspection period will expire in different ways. Zero vehicle owners, the inspection period written on the registration certificate “first inspection validity periodHe can control the history. other tools For the vehicle inspection report, the inspection validity date information is included. Vehicle owners who do not have the last vehicle inspection report can access the latest vehicle inspection report by entering e-government.

late fees can be calculated online. TÜVTÜRK provides all kinds of information, including vehicle inspection delay fee, of vehicle owners regarding many other technical issues, to the customer service of TÜVTÜRK. 0 850 222 88 88 by phone or He said that he can get it from the website.

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