Vicious Sisters for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch

Devespresso Games He had announced last October that The Coma: Recut would have a sequel that would arrive in 2019, at that moment they called it “The Coma 2” simply. Today they confirmed the platforms that this sequel will reach, its final title and showed its first official trailer.

The sequel will not change the tone, it will remain a survival horror that we will play in the dark almost all the time, the graphics are with handmade drawings and the perspective is in 2D as the most classic games. From what I have seen, it will be a continuation sequel that will cheer those who stayed waiting for more from The Coma: Recut

The sequel to an experiment

Devespresso is a Korean developer with a few games on the market, the first The Coma It is his best known title. This game happened in a school in Korea, it was terror in the Asian style so it had that point of mystery that is closer to fantasy than to the serial killer we know.

The story in The Coma is about a world parallel to our call as the title of the game, we can cross it without realizing it and suddenly we are on the other side of an imaginary mirror that changes the nature of the people we know. In the first game, one of the enemies was the teacher of the protagonist who in The Coma sought to kill us

The game used simple mechanics such as the use of a flashlight and a life and resistance bar. There were many dangers in the school, from ghost students to a teacher mentioned, normally we cannot fight, just run away and to move forward in history we must explore all areas to get an explanation of what happens and how to return to our world.

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The title was especially liked by its history, art design and soundtrack, it is because Devespresso plans to repeat and now we will return to The Coma only that we will control a girl who has finished in the world parallel her own will. Not much is known about the story beyond that the title tells us about some sisters and that the trailer lets us see a student as the main enemy.

We will have to wait to know more details. The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters will arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and MAC with support for traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, French, Ukrainian and Russian. The release date has not yet been disclosed.

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