Video chat with up to 50 people

Facebook Video chat features are invoked with the introduction of a Messenger home party feature. The rooms were further improved.

What a room compared to Messenger-Video chat is unique due to its spontaneous nature.

“Spending time together should be spontaneous and not forced” Facebook It says in an ad.

Rooms can be created without users having to call directly.

This makes them more informal compared to standard video calls.

Users can create a room and share a link with whoever they want.

Other users can join the room at any time.

People can join when the room is open or enter while the chat is already running.

how Facebook He explains that he doesn’t have to worry if it’s time for a video call:

Organize the holidays, meet a book club or just hang out with friends on the couch.

You don’t have to call anyone and hope it’s a good time, or check everyone’s calendar first. “

Start a room

Users can start and share rooms in Facebook either through the news, in a group or next to an event.

By creating a space, users have full control over who can see and participate in it.

However, when a room is created on a group or event page, it is available by default to all members of that group or event.

If necessary, the creator of the room can remove or block other people so that no other participant can participate.

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The company says it will soon add opportunities to create space from it. Instagram Direct, WhatsApp and Portal.

Join a room

People see spaces where they can link their messages when they are shared by friends or members of groups to which they belong.

Users can also send direct invitations to others to join a room.

Rooms can be merged into mobile or desktop devices, and no additional apps need to be downloaded.

People can even attend without having one Facebook It counts whenever an invitation link has been sent to them.

Facebook Messenger Launch Details- Rooms are vague.

The feature is currently slated to be introduced in “some” countries this week. A global expansion will continue in the coming weeks.

Zuckerberg says video boom isn’t temporary

Lately, there has been a huge demand for real-time video Facebook.

Every day, more than 700 million accounts receive video calls through WhatsApp and Messenger part.

Video call usage has doubled in some countries and live video views in Facebook and Instagram They have grown “significantly” since March.

But will it stay like this? Facebook That’s what CEO Mark Zuckerberg says.

The same question was asked in a recent conversation with The Verge.

Here is his answer:

“If 700 million people do something a day and you did it before it started for a while, it’s not just temporary.

The trend was already going in this direction. And I think this time it will speed it up permanently in a few years. “

A note on data protection

In a separate blog post about privacy for Messenger rooms Facebook guarantees users that their chats are safe.

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“If you use spaces through yours Facebook Account or register as a guest, we will not see or hear your audio or video calls. “

Facebook He also mentions that he partnered with security teams to make it difficult for hackers to guess links to rooms.

“The links in our room end with a number of random characters and numbers with numbers and letters in different cases.

This makes it difficult for hackers to guess the exact combination of characters and a new link is generated every time a space is created. “

Given the extent to which hackers have been using Zoom lately, Facebook You don’t risk the security of the room.

sources: Facebook Press room (1.2), The Verge

Frequent questions

Can i join one Facebook Video call without account?

Facebook Ads allow users to join without an account after receiving an invitation from the host.

Is Messenger Rooms a secure platform?

However, the messaging rooms are not fully encrypted Facebook ensures that calls are private and that rooms are protected from hackers.

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