Viruses found in the latest versions of Office and Adobe Photoshop Cracks

Cracks are small modifications of commercial programs that allow you to use them without paying a license. However, this poses a great danger, since these cracks can be changed to contain malware or download more dangerous malware from a remote server. Antiviruses usually detect them as viruses and block them, so many users, in order to use them, whitelist them so that the antivirus does not analyze them.

Viruses found in the latest versions of Office and Adobe Photoshop Cracks

According to BitDefender, hackers will take advantage of this by detecting a Trojan campaign deployed in Office and Photoshop cracks … This Trojan displays several files on the computer, among which it has detected ncat.exe, nap.exe, ndc.exe, tarsrv.exe, chknap.bat, and nddcf.cmd … The files can be located in the System32 or SysWow64 folders.

They can steal files, access to our accounts and cryptocurrencies.

The malware uses the Tor proxy to communicate with the C&C servers using ports 8000 to 9000 in the .onion domain. Once the malware is on the computer, it can send files over the BitTorrent protocol and then download them anonymously. It can also steal data from web browsers, disable firewalls, and steal cryptocurrencies like Monero from wallets it finds installed on the computer. With full control over the computer, they can do whatever they want.

For example, it can hijack cookies by Firefox, having the ability to download them to another device belonging to the attacker, to bypass passwords and access online services, where it is even possible to bypass two-step verification.

Viruses found in the latest versions of Office and Adobe Photoshop Cracks 2

Malware has already been detected in Spain as well as in other countries such as USA, India, Grazia, Canada, France and UK. The investigation clarifies that the back door entered into the computer is being used by a human operator instead of making automatic inquiries to victims.

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Therefore, it is recommended that you use an appropriate antivirus to avoid false positives, and pay for the license for the software we use on a daily basis, primarily thanks to monthly subscription plans that keep them at very affordable prices. To keep your downloads safe, you can create a virtual machine to avoid infecting your main installation, and upload them from there to websites like VirusTotal to be analyzed with dozens of antiviruses at the same time.

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