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Since the publication of the first Preview of Windows 11, the new Microsofty Store keeps getting richer. One of the latest “big” news is the arrival of the Win32 version of VLC.

What you must remember

  • The VLC Win32 application is now available through the Microsoft Store of Windows 11.
  • Its features are richer than the UWP edition,
  • the reader is enhanced with DVD and audio CD playback functions,
  • We have Digital TV Tuner support.

The multimedia player joins other popular software such as WinZip, OBS Studio, Zoom or Adobe Acrobat and Microsofdt Edge. VLC is already present on the Microsoft store but in a UWP version (Universal Windows App) with several shortcomings. Several important features of Win32 edition are missing.

The new edition of VLC (Win32) corrects the situation. For example, it offers DVD playback while fulfilling its role of multimedia player (video, audio, music). We find the synchronization of subtitles, file encoding, streaming, a digital TV tuner function or even audio CD playback.

Windows 11, How to find VLC Win32?

To find this version, you must have Windows 11. Then a quick search for the word VLC in the Microsoft Store brings it up. Note that for the moment VLC Win32 does not appear in searches on the online Microsoft Store.

VLC – Wikipedia

VLC media player (VLC) is a free and open source multimedia player from the VideoLAN project. This multiplatform software, created and maintained in France, works among other things under Windows, GNU / Linux, BSD, macOS, iOS, Android, in all around 20 platforms. It is distributed under the GPL and available in 69 languages.

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